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SmartBe3 collaborated with a prominent healthcare organization to address cybersecurity challenges, achieving a notable 28% increase in maturity and mitigating over 100,000 vulnerabilities. Through comprehensive assessment and strategic roadmap development, the partnership resulted in enhanced defenses against cyber threats.
Smartbe3 collaborated with a prominent healthcare organization operating in 24states, specializing in Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) services and managingmultiple clinics, faced a significant challenge due to relentless cyberattacks within the healthcare sector. Concerned about the insufficient maturity in their cybersecuritypractices, the organization‘s owners decided to invest significantly in fortifying theirdigital defenses.

The project initiated with a comprehensive assessment and penetration testing (Pentesting) conducted by Smartbe3. The findings were compiled into acomprehensive report, offering insights into the organization’s cybersecurity maturity.Subsequently, a two-year roadmap was crafted, outlining specific objectives andstrategies to address vulnerabilities and enhance security measures.
Persistent Cyber Threats:
  • The organization encountered multiple cyberattacks targeting the healthcare sector.
Immaturity in Cybersecurity Practices:
  • Immaturity in Cybersecurity Practices: Recognizing the need to strengthen cybersecurity due to a lack of maturity in current practices.
Assessment and Pentesting:

  • Conducted a thorough assessment and Pentesting to identify existing vulnerabilities.
  • Delivered a detailed report to the business outlining the cybersecurity maturity level.
Roadmap Development:
  • Defined a two-year roadmap with clear objectives for enhancing cybersecurity.
  • Prioritized implementation based on identified risks and critical areas.
Awareness Training and Incident Response:

  • Implemented a comprehensive plan for cybersecurity awareness training.
  • Established an incident response plan (IRP) to effectively address andmitigate security incidents.
Vulnerability Management:

  • Utilized Qualys for effective vulnerability management.
  • Implemented proactive measures to address vulnerabilities andenhance overall security posture.
Improved Cybersecurity Maturity:
  • The organization experienced a notable 28% increase in its cybersecurity maturity level.
Reduction in Detected Vulnerabilities:

  • Over 100,000 vulnerabilities were successfully addressed and mitigated.
Phishing Resilience:

  • The number of employees falling victim to phishing attacks significantly decreased.
By investing in cybersecurity measures, particularly through a systematic assessment, targeted roadmap, and strategic implementation, the healthcare organization successfully bolstered its defenses against cyber threats. The positive outcomes underscore the effectiveness of the adopted measures in mitigating risks and enhancing the overall cybersecurity posture of the organization.