Financial Services
Partnering with a major financial services firm, SmartBe3 optimized operations, reducing costs by 12% and improving fault detection by 28%. Our new dashboards provided actionable insights, demonstrating our commitment to delivering value in financial services.
SmartBe3 has been a key collaborator with a major player in the financial services industry, with over 12 million customers and an extensive network of 330 branches.

SmartBe3 partnered with the company to address operational challenges, aiming for significant cost reduction, improved fault detection efficiency, and the implementation of new dashboards to provide enhanced business value.

Our 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC) helped monitor and manage their critical services, taking into account that the organizations possessed a sophisticated infrastructure involving more than 15 tools, including Dynatrace, Grafana, Elastic, AWS, SolarWinds, among others.
Complex Infrastructure Management:
  • Administration and management of a diverse set of tools and technologies in a dynamic financial services environment.
Continuous 24/7 Network Operations:
  • Providing uninterrupted NOC services to meet the demands of a vast customer base.
Tool Overhead:
  • Managing and efficiently utilizing over 15 tools, including Dynatrace, Grafana, Elastic, AWS, SolarWinds, etc.
Cost Reduction Initiative:

  • SmartBe3 initiated a comprehensive cost reduction strategy, optimizing resource utilization and enhancing operational efficiency by decreasing the number of tools from 15 to 4.
Efficiency in Fault Detection:
  • Implemented measures to significantly reduce the time it takes to detect and address faults, improving overall system reliability.
New Value-Added Dashboards:
  • Configured and introduced new dashboards designed to provide actionable insights and add tangible value to the business.
Cost Reduction:
  • The company experienced a notable 12% reduction in costs, demonstrating the success of the cost reduction initiative.
Efficient Fault Detection:
  • The time required to detect and address faults was reduced by an impressive 28%, enhancing overall system reliability.
Value-Added Dashboards:
  • SmartBe3 configured new dashboards that delivered valuable insights, contributing to informed decision-making and business improvement.
In conclusion, the project resulted in tangible improvements, including significant cost reduction, enhanced fault detection efficiency, and the introduction of dashboards providing added value to the business. The success of these initiatives underscores the commitment to optimizing operations and delivering impactful solutions in the dynamic landscape of financial services.