With SmartBe3's expertise, a leading airline streamlined sales from physical branches to e-commerce, improving user experience and cutting costs. The project saw a 62% Appdex boost and 31% cost reduction, showcasing its success.
A leading airline with presence in 18 countries, embarked with Smartbe3 on a strategic project aimed at closing all physical branches and redirecting all sales to their e-commerce platform. This transformative initiative involved collaboration across various departments, including business, operations, IT, DevOps, infrastructure, and AWS, with the goal of transitioning to an observable model for critical applications supporting e-commerce.

The project with Smartbe3 commenced with an initial assessment, followed by knowledge leveling, training sessions, and the establishment of business thresholds aligned with key business dates such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and holidays.
Branch Closure and E-commerce Transition:

  • Closing all physical branches and consolidating sales through the e-commerce platform.
Multi-Department Collaboration:

  • Collaboration across business, operations, IT, DevOps, and infrastructure teams for a seamless transition.
Observable Model Implementation:
  • Transitioning towards an observable model for critical applications supporting the e-commerce platform.
Strategic Business Thresholds:

  • Defining business thresholds aligned with critical business dates to ensure operational stability during peak periods.
Comprehensive Assessment:

  • Conducted an initial assessment to understand the current state and identify areas for improvement.
Knowledge Leveling and Training:

  • Implemented knowledge leveling sessions and training programs to ensure teams were equipped for the transition.
Collaborative Approach:

  • Fostered collaboration among various departments, including business, operations, IT, DevOps, and infrastructure.
Observable Model Implementation:

  • Transitioned critical applications to an observable model for enhanced monitoring and performance optimization.
Business Threshold Definition:

  • Defined business thresholds aligned with key business dates to ensure a smooth user experience during peak periods.
Improved User Experience:

  • The user experience saw significant improvements as a result of the streamlined e-commerce platform.
Appdex Improvement:

  • Appdex (Application Performance Index) witnessed a remarkable 62% improvement, enhancing overall application performance.
Cost Reduction:

  • The closure of physical branches resulted in a substantial 31% reduction in costs, contributing to overall operational efficiency.
Increased Business Profitability:

  • The strategic changes led to an increase in the profitability of the business, showcasing the success of the project.
In conclusion, the collaborative efforts across various departments, combined with the implementation of an observable model and strategic business thresholds, resulted in a more efficient and profitable e-commerce platform for the company, ultimately improving the user experience and reducing operational costs.