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Our trusted Clients:
Our trusted Clients:
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Smartbe3 uplifts business value with Observability, Monitoring, Cybersecurity, and NOC services to enable customer transformations.
Encompasses the comprehensive set of tools and practices essential for
gaining deep insights into the performance, behavior, and health of your systems.
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Track, measure, and assess the performance and status of your systems in real-time to ensure the health, availability, and efficiency of your infrastructure.
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Comprehensive set of strategies, technologies, and practices designed to safeguard your digital assets, networks, and information from potential threats and unauthorized access.
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Centralized command and control hub responsible for monitoring, managing, and maintaining the health and performance of an organization's network infrastructure.
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Featured Projects
Empowering world class organizations.
Insurance services:
Fortifies Healthcare Cybersecurity
Smartbe3 fortifies a prominent healthcare organization's cybersecurity against relentless cyberattacks, addressing vulnerabilities through comprehensive assessment, penetration testing, and a strategic two-year roadmap for enhanced security measures.
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Smartbe3 Drives Airline to
E-commerce Success
A global airline undergoes a strategic e-commerce transformation, closing physical branches. This initiative involves cross-departmental collaboration, assessments, training, and business-aligned thresholds for a seamless transition to an observable model.
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Financial services:
Financial Efficiency Through Enhanced Operations
A major financial player collaborates to address operational challenges, focusing on cost reduction, improved fault detection, and implementing dashboards for enhanced business value. A 24/7 NOC manages critical services.
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Unified Retail Monitoring for Efficiency
Collaborating with a retail giant, SmartBe3 streamlines monitoring of 1500+ stores across five countries. The project unifies multiple tools, establishes dynamic SLAs, and enhances personnel skills.
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Agile Monitoring Transformation
Partnering with a leading telco, SmartBe3 drives a transformative project for a global quadruple-play enterprise, shifting from traditional monitoring to observability with collaboration across 30 agile teams.
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